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In the end, it's not the

years in your life that

count, it's the life in

your years

Abraham Lincoln

What Is Life Coaching and How Can It Help Me?

The question I get asked most is "what is Life Coaching?"  So the simplest way I can describe it is that a Life Coach can help you to open your mind to the strength that is already within you, to move forward with your dream/goal by asking questions that you have probably not asked yourself yet.  As we grow through life, through experiences, we pick up beliefs and ideas that come predomantly from the people and circumstances around us, never really finding the time to question who we are, where we are going and how we would like to get there.  No matter what age you are, we can still ask ourselves "What do I want to be when I grow up?"  


Everyone is born with the ability to be, do or have whatever they want in life, but by the time we become adults, most of us have lost that ability.  However, eventually we experience the feeling that our lives have drifted off course and we start asking ourselves "there must be something more than this?"  That's where a Life Coach can step in and help you to re-evaluate your life and find the balance or flow that you are looking for.


Everyone deserves to be happy, confident and fulfilled in their lives.  I Coach people to sort through perhaps a difficult issue, lack of confidence, career move, relationship problems, living with an addict etc, and to move forward in a positive way.  It is through talking, listening and thoughtful analysis that together we make significant progress towards awareness and clarity.  Some clients are looking for help in making decisions for a specific problem, others are looking for more general support.



Coaching is about moving forward, getting inspired, writing a new chapter to your life or even a whole new book......the decision is yours!  Open your mind to the possibilities with a Life Coach......