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By Kathy Newman, Mar 23 2015 06:04PM

Review on Distance Healing

Allow yourself the luxury of a Reconnective Healing Session - Here's why - About 2 weeks ago I had a Reconnective Healing Session from Kathy Newman of Amazing Life Balance for People and Animals.

This is distant healing where you make yourself comfortable in your own home and the therapist connects with you from wherever she is. I had a 20 minute session and felt wonderful immediately afterwards and for a couple of days following. It really upped my energy and I felt clearer and lighter. Here's how I felt during the session itself :-

1) First I felt a heaviness settle over me, then.....

2) I felt like I was in a thrumming electrical loop - connected

3) Then on the sides of my temples just the feintest feeling of being touched by tiny kitten paws (sorry - but there is no other way to describe it! smile emotion

4) Then my head felt a shift to coolness....some morphing lights and shades in my head...

5) My body felt totally blissed out and smooth

I surfaced about 10 minutes later as I fell asleep then - a magical treatment I will be having again - and would recommend to anyone who need to get themselves back together and to deeply let go of stress. Thank you Kathy!

By Alison Fennell